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Interview with Maria Natália João - Creative Tracks Ambassador
Posted by Aurélie Delater
on Oct 09 2017
Maria Natália is a young Mozambican creative entrepreneur, student of Economics, writer, Master of ceremonies, communication adviser, TV panelist and member of various network in her country.
Interview with Silvia Guglielmini- Creative Tracks Ambassador
Posted by Roz Stobart
on Jul 17 2017
Closing date17/09/2017
Silvia has a PhD in Cultural Policy and is Administrator of a website showcasing the creative sector in the Northern Edge of Europe. She is a Researcher currently based in Ireland.
International mobility - Creative Tracks/Roberto Cimetta Fund mobility programme 2017
Posted by Creative Tracks
on Jul 07 2017
Closing date07/07/2018
Twenty cultural entrepreneurs selected for the mobility fund
Interview with Akintunde Boboye - Creative Tracks Ambassador
Posted by Roz Stobart
on Jun 14 2017
Akintunde is initiator of the Olumirin Waterfall Garden Park, Nigeria - a place to meet, network and produce arts related events geared towards, awakening and co creating.
Interview with Branly López - Research fellow Age of Wonderland
on Jun 12 2017
Closing date31/05/2018
As part of the Age of Wonderland program, research fellow Branly López was re-invited to Eindhoven in March for a creative collaboration during the Sensiks Hackathon.
Interview with Ana Karina Jardin - Creative Tracks Ambassador
Posted by Aurélie Delater
on May 22 2017
Anna Karina Jardin is a Filipina entrepreneur and visual artist championing youth development, children’s rights, social inclusion and capacity building through the arts.
Arterial Network: 10 Years of Bringing Africa Closer
Posted by Creative Tracks
on May 18 2017
Closing date18/05/2017
Interview with Mamou Daffe, Continental Chairperson of Arterial Network
Interview with Danielle Roberts - artist at Awareness Lab
on May 12 2017
Dutch artist Danielle Roberts was invited for a creative collaboration with research fellows David Marín and Branly López during the Sensiks Hackathon last March at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven.
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