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Description: Interview with Masha Ru on her creative practices
on May 12 2017
In March, artist Masha Ru was invited for a creative collaboration with research fellows David Marín and Branly López during the Sensiks Hackathon at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven.
Interview with David Marín Roma - Research fellow Age of Wonderland
on May 11 2017
As part of the Age of Wonderland program, research fellow David Marín was re-invited to Eindhoven in March for a creative collaboration during the Sensiks Hackathon.
VERDEVER: A beacon of brilliance from Buenos Aires promoting arts and wisdom
Posted by Visiting Arts
on May 08 2017
Closing date08/05/2017
Ahead of the Producers' Academy organised by On The Move under the Creative tracks framework we asked producer and cultural manager Paz Begué of Buenos Aires based VERDEVER for her insights.
Interview with Julia Youngs - Creative Tracks Ambassador
Posted by Aurélie Delater
on May 02 2017
United States of America
Julia Youngs is a Project Manager at Creative Startups, USA. She acts as a Creative Tracks Ambassador, ready to ask your question on creative entrepreneurship, startups accelerators and networking!
Interview with Eline Van Audenaerde - Creative Tracks Ambassador
Posted by Aurélie Delater
on Apr 26 2017
Eline is a Music Entrepreneur from Belgium. She acts as a Creative Tracks ambassador, willing to talk about networking, women entrepreneurs, and Tech industry.
Interview with Marcus O´Dair, Creative Tracks ambassador
Posted by Aurélie Delater
on Apr 18 2017
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland
Marcus is an English musician and Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University, London. He acts as a Creative Tracks Ambassador, ready to talk about music, creative industries and entrepreneurship.
Eurasian Creaspace Networking–Interview with Chuan LI, Chinese cultural entrepreneur and researcher
Posted by Aurélie Delater
on Apr 11 2017
Chuan LI is a Chinese researcher and cultural entrepreneur. For this World Exploration, he presents the project he coordinates: Eurasian Creaspace Networking.
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