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Cultural enterpreneur with a focused experience in curating and organizing cultural events. She works for public and private organizations since 2006....
Criatividade é a inteligência se divertindo - e fazendo do mundo um lugar melhor para se viver.

Sou um profissional de...
Cultural Manager on the go!
Rozalina Laskova
Founder & CEO of „Шар Жар“/ „Shar Zhar“; CEO of “Education Without Backpacks” and...
Our most important projects are related to the creation of audio guides in Spanish for museums and art centers, and also a cultural radio for Spanish...
Founded Proton Theatre together with the film and theatre director Kornél Mundruczó in 2009. Is managing director and producer of the...
Cimetta Fund
The RCF is an international association that provides support for artistic and cultural mobility in the Euro-Arab region and between Arab countries ....
I paint, work wit steel and draw
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