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Experience the nomadic lifestyles in Kyrgyzstan | Silent Journey
Closing date: Jul 29 2017
We invite you to experience the Silent Journey through Kyrgyzstan in 6 days. This trip is part of the 100 Days of Learning trajectory developed for the 2017 edition of Age of Wonderland.
FutureLab Europe - Call For Applications
Posted by Aurélie Delater
Closing date: Sep 24 2017
Closing date24/09/2017
The FutureLab Europe programme is selecting bright, active and young Europeans who want to play an active role in shaping the future of Europe by implementing a project with a civic impact.
Posted by Gayle Rogers
Closing date: Sep 30 2017
Closing date30/09/2017
Send your email to Workers Gallery to be added to our email mailing list to receive details of exhibitions & opportunities to submit work for exhibitions.
CREA Summer Academy 2017 - ITALY Politecnico di Milano
Closing date: Jun 16 2017
How to start from users needs to build innovative start-ups
Visual Art Commissions Sought
Closing date: Dec 01 2017
United States of America
Organizations are invited to commission the artist for collaborative or commissioned paintings of any scale as art in public places. Please contact the artist via email
Kick Start: Cardiff
Posted by Creative Tracks
Closing date: Sep 29 2017
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland
Professional exchange programme in Cardiff bringing together international and Welsh creative changemakers.
Resultados - Convocatória para participantes do workshop Criatividade e Empreendedorismo em Maputo
Posted by Aurélie Delater
Closing date: Aug 25 2017
A presente convocatória destina-se a selecionar jovens empreendedores / artistas que queiram apresentar seu trabalho no workshop Creative Tracks organizado em Maputo os próximos 14 e 15 de setembro.
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