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Creative Tracks aims to connect creative entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors across the world
Creative Tracks is about creative entrepreneurship, networking, knowledge sharing, capacity building and global dialogue.
It main objectives are to:
1- Link young creative professionals worldwide
2- Encourage intercultural exchange and collaboration
3- Support professional development of creative across disciplines
During two years, through an active online platform and the organization of two major events in Belgium and China, plus 7 workshops in Europe, South America and Southern Africa, Creative Tracks has been connecting thousands of creative entrepreneurs worldwide, allowing new collaborations, encouraging innovative projects and cultural exchanges.
By sharing useful resources, events and opportunities, the community members have created synergies and advanced their entrepreneurial skills, financing capacity and access to partners.
Highlighting the conversion from digital networking to real connections, the partners have been following-up the achievements made by the members through a series of interviews “Beyond the platform”, showcasing the trajectory of the creative entrepreneurs supported by the project. Moreover, the sharing of common concerns on challenges in the sector allowed the members to establish bridges between Europe, Africa, America and Asia.
Through a dynamic platform, we want to provide young creatives all around the world with the support to connect, share ideas and concerns, find new partners to develop exciting initiatives!
We encourage you to register and fill your profile with all relevant information, so other members can see your activities, and contact you to collaborate.
Explore the matchmaking section and find new working partners!
Being a young creative artist is not so easy. Develop a network and transform your skills with challenging new opportunities and collaborations!
By posting opportunities and events, more than 1000 members, 600 organizations and 100 networks of 150 countries actively participate to create a positive culture of collaboration, and give the Creative Tracks community a concrete chance to develop its talents.
We also put at your disposal a wide range of online training and publications concerning arts, entrepreneurship, project management, and other issues of your interest, and hope that these resources will give you the necessary support to improve your skills and allow you to launch your initiatives.
If you want to learn more or have a question about using the platform, check out our FAQ's page.

The Creative Tracks Partnership

Creative Tracks is a pilot project entrusted to a consortium of eight partners
from five different European countries, active worldwide.
Promotion and management of international projects on Innovation, Training and Research & Technological.
Providing flexible management systems designed for companies in the arts, publishing and specialised research industries.
KEA European Affairs
KEA is a Brussels-based consultancy specialised in culture, creativity, media and sports.
Our mission is to take the lead in advising the...
Cimetta Fund
The RCF is an international association that provides support for artistic and cultural mobility in the Euro-Arab region and between Arab countries ....
On the Move
On the Move is a cultural mobility information network active in Europe and internationally. We share more than 800 calls a year with travels at least...
Baltan Laboratories
Baltan Laboratories is a collaborative platform for future thinking that places art and design research at the core of its activities. Baltan is a...

Meet the team

Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager @ Inova+
Clémentine Daubeuf
Consultant & researcher at KEA European Affairs
As consultant and researcher at KEA my work focuses on culture in external relations of the EU but I am also active in projects involving the...
Arthur Le Gall
Senior Consultant
I'm a senior consultant at KEA, where I work on the analysis and evaluation of policies for cultural and creative industries at European, national and...
Angie Cotte
Secretary General
Marie Le Sourd
Marie Le Sourd is the Secretary General of On the Move (, the cultural mobility information network active in Europe and...
Chris Lewis
Project Developer
Chris has been a Project Developer for Librios for the last 6 years. He is an excellent technician and has invaluable experience with data integration...

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