Policy for artistic development today will no doubt refer to the vital role of cultural entrepreneurship in supporting creatives. If this is a pre-requisite then it is no longer possible to reduce international artistic cooperation to the mobility of artists alone, which in any case, no longer reflects the reality of artistic project making today. In order to develop and preserve free, fair and flowering cultural and artistic international exchanges, mobility of cultural entrepreneurs becomes a must.
The Roberto Cimetta Fund will launch a mobility fund for cultural entrepreneurs beginning of March 2017 and will organise an international seminar to examine what cultural entrepreneurs’ international mobility leads to, particularly in regard to:
- the current trends in global market concentration and monopolies which challenge the viability of local markets, and;
- the capacity of cultural capitals (in Europe and the Arab world) to support local cultural and artistic development.
This seminar entitled "Independent cultural entrepreneurs driving artistic creation" will be held on 7th March 2017 at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, 182 rue Saint Honoré, Paris 1st arrondissement.
The programme is available here.
Working languages: French, English (simultaneous interpretation).
To register click here. The number of places is limited to 54 maximum.
Entrepreneurs and analysts from Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, the US and China will analyse the conditions necessary for the economic autonomy of artistic and cultural producers.
Outstanding entrepreneurs and cultural actors will be present, among which Faezeh Aarabi, Director of Dars Platform in Teheran, Komlan Agdo of the West African Economic and Monetary Union, El Mehdi Azdem, Director of the Association Racines in Casablanca, Elodie Le Breut, Deputy-Director of A.M.I/Dynamo Incubator in Marseille, Chwan Li, Yunnan University, Zeyba Rahman, Director of Programmes of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts in New York, Nicole Hamouche, creative economy consultant in Beirut, Nan Van Houte, Secretary General of IETM, Julie Chenot, Director of Programmes at the Camargo Foundation, Rossella Tarantino, representative of Matera ECOC 2019, Mohamed Al Daradji, Human films in Baghdad, Charles Babinet from KissKissBankBank, Cédric Claquin from CD inde, Arthur Steiner from the Hivos Foundation, Marianne Roux from Canal France International, Laurence Hugues for the International Alliance of independent publishers, Ann Laenen from Valletta ECOC 2018, Raul Abeledo, EconCult in Valencia, Angela Boskovitch, Cairo Comix, Angie Cotte, Secretary General of RCF...A delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Culture will attend the debate.
François Laurent, European and International Affairs Directorate (SDAEI), and Elizabeth Le Hot, General Directorate-Media and Cultural Industries (DGMIC) both from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication will open the debates which will be moderated by Ferdinand Richard, Chair of the Roberto Cimetta Fund.
This meeting is taking place within the framework of Creative Tracks. Ana Ribeiro, project leader of the Creative Tracks Consortium and representative of Inova will be present at the meeting.
Partners of the event: French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council
Creative Tracks sponsors: Shenzhen Design Week, Wallonie-Bruxelles International
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