How is the relationship between subject and object? Who is the subject and who is the object? What do objects, as parts of our privacy, can tell about us?
Three people are questioning the role of things and objects which can tell stories about us. In the streets of Zagreb we startet to ask people about their socks as parts of their privacy. In this process, a collection of personal stories and photographies developed which will be presented on this website and in exhibitions.
Everyone has a specific relation towards things and maybe even a whole system of interpretation why one is doing things as he/she is doing it. Listening to the stories about everydaylife phenomena gives an idea about how other people are experiencing the world and how the most usual, everyday things have a specific meaning. But why would that be important?
The questioning of objects through questions about socks is at the same time the questioning of everydaylife phenomena, pracitces and habitus. That is how the results of the project from Zagreb and other places can open space for engagement with processes of everydaylife and give at the same time a glance into the privacy of other people.
Until now, the project was exhibited at the Faculty of philosophy of the University Zagreb, in Galerija G Spot in Novi Sad and Tankstelle in Bregenz. Further exhibitions are in preparation, more stories are to be collected, different relations of subjects and objects discovered.
Literature, Photography and photo imaging


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