Prepare for a GREAT SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY VACATION with a lot to learn, share and experience! During the course WE WILL TALK WHILE SHOOTING and SHOOT WHILE TALKING. YOU WILL PRACTICE A LOT, actually all the time, with no time restrictions - whenever you can afford, but, hey, the eyes need some sleep too. We will talk photography from different angles and points of view, we will DISCUSS DIFFERENT APPROACHES to creating a photo, starting with one's very own, personal perception of the surrounding world. YOU'LL LEARN about CAMERAS and LENSES, LIGHT and FOCUS, but most of all YOU WILL LEARN and PRACTICE to create the picture initially in our head and how to COMMUNICATE with the camera properly to get the desired photo.

This event is a completely private initiative, organized by two experienced artists and professionals in their field - Photography and Performance art. Red more about them in The Team section of the web site.
TOTAL LENGHT of the EVENT: 12 days, including arrival and departure.
June 1-12, 12-23, 23-4 July
July 4-15, 15-26, 26-6 August
August 6-17, 17-28
Currently we are seeking to fill the first course group, set for 1st of June. *If you want to register for August dates, please email us in advance as probably Kaylas hotel will not be available during that period. Check for hotel details and booking.
THE COURSE DOES NOT RUN on a FIXED SCHEDULE - Once we have gathered the group we will set our own daily schedule, keeping in mind that EACH DAY there will be a SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT that each participant should work during the day. Basically there will be a THEORY CLASS (probably in the mornings) and PRACTICING the rest of the day, with evenings reserved for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM REVIEW of what have been shot and free discussion of various problems eventually occurred while working on the assignment. This is the time when a FREE TALK on History of Photography will be held. We strongly encourage each of you to ask questions, compare your work with the greatest photographer's works that we will be talking about. At the end of the course we will help you SELECT your BEST PHOTOGRAPH to be exhibited in a GROUP SHOW and published in a printed CATALOG. See the FAQ for more details.
We are working on VARIOUS EVENTS to accompany each of the courses. Depending of the date chosen you may have the chance to MEET GUEST ARTISTS working in the National Academy of Arts creative base in Ahtopol, and to ENJOY LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCES; you'll hear original music performed by the organizers themselves. Once you are registered we'll keep you informed about what we have planned for you.
! Visit web site for course highlights, accommodation, food and other info as well course registration and hotel booking.
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