NAUTIKA CONCEPT will organise an event and contests for the UNWTO World Tourism Day 2017 that will take place on the 27th of September. This event is an innovative virtual event related to sustainable tourism development, available for the whole world through internet and launched from France, Italy (Sicily) and Turkey. On the World Tourism Day NAUTIKA will launch a virtual exhibition and two contests that will be open from 27 September to 27 October 2017. One contest is open to the general public (adults and children) and invite participants to express through a drawing, how tourism is contributing to one or several of the United Nations 17 Development goals. The other contest invites professionals to send information about the best sustainable tourism project they have developed in their area. Both contests will asign prizes to the best ideas for each category of participants.
In parallel NAUTIKA’s designer team will create an original Nautika dress with a pattern inspired from Qatar sustainable tourism initiatives, as Qatar is hosting this year the official celebration of the World Tourism Day 2017. The creation process will be revealed on our social media pages.
All information and detailed programme will be available on: and our social media pages.
Why NAUTIKA CONCEPT and UNWTO World Tourism Day?
This year’s World Tourism Day organised by the UNWTO celebrates sustainable tourism as a tool for development, and invites travellers to respect nature, culture and your host as well as encouraging people to become ambassadors of a better future. We at NAUTIKA aim to build a better and more colourful future for our children through clothes and patterns that ‘educate’ towards a respectful travel. We therefore adhere to WDTO’s mission as a common objective aimed at encouraging travellers all around the world to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. We invite all travellers and curious minds to come and take part in our World Tourism Day event on the 27th of September 2017.
NAUTIKA CONCEPT is a creative and digital project that promotes cultural and environmental education and awareness through culturally meaningful children design clothes.
NAUTIKA DESIGN is the children clothes business line that focuses on innovation, sustainability, education and environmental awareness. It is above all a special “fashion-souvenir” product for tourists to buy and take home or offer, as it is connected to the local identity of the visited territory.
Through its fashion-souvenir selling strategy that targets the tourism sector, NAUTIKA promotes local tourism destinations and environments by partnering with local shops, associations and tourism actors and contributing therefore to developing local economies.
Its designs are aimed to reverse the side effects of globalization, such as the impoverishment of cultural specificities by highlighting those specificities through symbols, values and traditional concepts and therefore contributing to social cohesion through a better cultural understanding. NAUTIKA patterns are often highly linked with environment, cultural and natural aspects, and address actual challenges as well as preservation issues, touching upon the awareness of environmental problems.
NAUTIKA’s uniqueness lies above all in the innovative education process. By wearing locally inspired specific fashion-products, children connect better to local values and concepts and develop a better understanding of cultures different to their own. The stories we attach to our dresses through our leaflets act like a sort of “mind openers”, inviting families and children to look further and discover more about a visited place, but also give them the opportunity to learn further through our internet platform and the resources and links that we provide.
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