Creative Tracks Ambassadors
To people who want to become an Ambassador:
Who qualifies to be an Ambassador?
Creative Tracks Ambassadors are contact points for a specific region or country. Ambassadors are well connected among the network of local creative entrepreneurs, as well as experienced actors in their professional field. Ambassadors are willing and able to support in networking as well as answering any questions that creative entrepreneurs might have regarding the region. Within the Creative Tracks platform, Ambassadors operate Contact Point Ideation Labs where members can get in touch, share their projects and post questions. Ambassadors are identified with a badge icon on their profile page and can be found through the search options on the Matchmaking section of the platform.
What is the role of the Ambassador?
Ambassadors are expected to promote Creative Tracks in their region and encourage local networks of young creative entrepreneurs to create a profile, make new connections and explore the benefits. The Ambassador's role is to support Creative Tracks members through the knowledge and contacts they have developed in their particular region relating to the arts sector. As a contact point you can offer advice and suggestions about the local art scene and make introductions to local contacts that might be relevant. We are not expecting you to have all the answers and hope that you might be able to direct the person to someone who might have the answer. Ambassadors can also help where there may be language barriers. How can Ambassadors use the Creative Tracks platform to carry out this role? Ambassadors are expected to actively engage with Creative Tracks members and to respond to contact requests. For this purpose, they can use the Creative Tracks platform features, in particular:
The contact point Ideation Labs: Ambassadors are asked to create an Ideation Lab for their region to serves as a “contact point” for members.
The Matchmaking tool: this allows Ambassadors to look for contacts worldwide to support the entrepreneurs who contact them.
How can I become an Ambassador?
If you would like to become a Creative Tracks Ambassador, please contact us at with the subject “Application for Creative Tracks Ambassador”. In this first e-mail, please send us:
The name of or a link to your Creative Tracks account (if by that time you haven’t registered in the Creative Tracks platform, please do so)
A short bio/ CV description of your work and main activities, including main geographical areas of intervention.
The country or region you would like to be a Creative Tracks contact point for
After receiving and analyzing this information, we will send you guidelines and additional information, to which you need to comply and accept in order to become an Ambassador. Once you have read and accepted our guidelines, we will update your Creative Tracks to make you an Ambassador and we will ask you to Create an Ideation Lab to be the contact point for the region you have indicated. We may invite you for other activities, such as to participate in an interview for the World Exploration section, to contribute with content for the opportunities and events sections, make suggestions for resources on the platform, etc. We will contact you regularly to check if you are having any difficulties and to ask for updates on your Ambassador activity.
How do I make the most and benefit from being an Ambassador?
Ambassadors will be able to directly connect with fascinating creative entrepreneurs from all around the world. By harnessing the opportunity to support Creative Tracks members you may attract new opportunities, collaborations and significantly expand your network. Ambassador profiles will be highlighted on the Creative Tracks platform and gain visibility in conjunction with creative tracks events. An active Ambassador will benefit the most from the experience. Activity can include initiating an Ideation Lab, adding event and opportunity information to the creative tracks platform, suggesting resources, as well as actively engaging with Creative Tracks members.
To people who want to get in touch with Ambassadors:
How can an Ambassador help me?
Ambassadors can help by providing contacts and information about activities and events in their region. Ambassadors can help where there is a language barrier.
How do I identify an Ambassador in the Creative Tracks platform?
Ambassadors can be identified by the Creative Tracks badge icon on their profile page. You can search for Ambassadors in the Matchmaking area. Check the box for Ambassadors under the search options on the left hand site of the page. On the map you will be able to see where the Ambassadors are based. Ambassadors are also regularly featured in the World Exploration section so do browse the articles there.
How can I get in touch with my local Ambassador?
Find the current list of Ambassadors below. Later on you will find Ambassadors listed in the matchmaking area. Besides, each Ambassador manages one “Ambassador Contact Point” Ideation Lab, so you can reach your Ambassador through this tool.