Posting Opportunities
Posting an opportunity on Creative Tracks will maximise its international visibility. It’s a great way to inform creative entrepreneurs and networks all over the world about an upcoming opportunity they might be interested in. This could be a competition, a job, an artistic residency, you name it.
Please note that at Creative Tracks, we make a distinction between an event and an opportunity. While events simply call for attendance or participation, an opportunity entails a personal application process. There might be a job to land, a prize to win, or brief to respond to.
This FAQ page explains how to go about posting your first opportunity onto the Creative Tracks platform.
There are two ways to go about posting an opportunity on Creative Tracks.
The first way is to do it from your profile page. To reach your profile page, click on the small photo icon in the top right corner of your screen:
Then, click on “My profile”:
Next, click on “Post Content” underneath your profile picture. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Create an Opportunity”:
The other way to create an opportunity is through the homepage. Click on “OPPORTUNITIES” on the horizontal menu at the top:
You land on the Opportunities page where you can see current trending opportunities as well as a featured one. To create a new opportunity, simply click on the big orange button in the top right:
You’re now ready to set up a new opportunity. Let’s go through each tab in turn.
Let’s start with the Content tab. First, give an informative yet concise title to your opportunity. You want people to understand the gist of it at first glance.
Next, upload an image that represents your opportunity. This could be the logo of the organisation that is putting out the opportunity or a press photo, for instance. Uploading an image will make your opportunity stand out and be more appealing to the Creative Tracks members who are browsing the opportunities page.
Then, enter a short summary or description of your opportunity.
Finally, use the large description box to give more information on the content of the opportunity, what group of people it’s aimed at, why it could be interesting and valuable to Creative Tracks members. You should also give practical advice such as how to apply. To make the whole thing look good and be super informative, you can add documents and hyperlinks, as well as image and video content via the embed and lightbox buttons. Don’t hesitate to make use of the different heading types that are made available to you.
Finally, indicate the type of opportunity you’re about to post:
Next comes the Dates & Tags tab. Tick all the relevant categories that apply to your opportunity. If you can’t find the appropriate category for your opportunity, please do email us to let us know at
Then, enter any tags or keywords that are relevant to your opportunity. You may also add more in the text box below if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the list. Make sure you separate each tag or keyword by a comma. The more you tag, the more people and organisations your opportunity will be matched with, so don’t hold back!
Lastly, enter the date you posted the opportunity as well as the closing date so members know what the deadline is to submit an application.
Moving onto the last tab: Location. Here you can provide members with information regarding the location of your opportunity as well as contact details in case they want to ask questions.
Enter the address, city, postcode and country where the opportunity originates from or where it will take place. Then, provide a contact e-mail and a link to relevant website where people can find out more about this opportunity.
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 12.36.49
Once you’re happy with the content click Save and you’ll be taken to a draft preview of your opportunity.
Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 16.07.45
If it’s all looking good click the Submit for moderation button at the top.
Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 16.10.26
You can go back and make changes anytime by finding your draft opportunity post under Opportunities on the Content section on your profile page, clicking on the small plus sign on the bottom right of your screen, and then “edit, unlock, or delete this content”, and then “edit”.
There you go, all done! Good job.
Once you’ve created your opportunity, you can send a direct invitation to people. Do this by clicking on the small plus sign on the bottom right of your screen, and then “share this page”. Don’t hesitate to advertise your opportunity through all your social media channels to optimise your reach.
Need some help with something we haven’t answered here? Check our FAQs page or email us at