Creative Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century

Accompanying the b.creative conference topics, this lab invites members to consider what "creative entrepreneurship" means to them and how it is reflected in today's world.
b.creative is the launch event of Creative Tracks, a EU co-funded project that aims at networking young creative entrepreneurs worldwide. b.creative is about the meeting of various creative skills to generate social and economic innovation. It emphasises the relevance of all forms of innovation (not only technological) mixing artistic creativity, cultural competences and entrepreneurial skills whether for profit or non-profit for economic or for social gains.
b.creative is about promoting the idea that culture in general and cultural differences in particular have a strong influence on creativity, a motor of economic and social innovation. Innovation is not only a matter of business organization and technology. It relies on artistic creation, design, fashion, architecture to give innovation social meanings or to enable creative disruption. Likewise, businesses are inspired by management methods coming from culture and creative industries to generate innovation and creativity within their own organisations. Culture is the general expression of humanity, the expression of its creativity and its diversity. Culture is linked to meaning, knowledge, talents, industries, civilization and values. Culture gives human soul to technology, it is a source of singularity. Culture productions nourishes imagination without which creativity cannot happen.
What does "creative entrepreneurship" mean to you, what are the current trends and how can it be fostered?
Advertising and marketing communications, Animation, Architecture, Archives and libraries, Audiovisual and interactive media, Crafts, Creative industries areas, Design, Digital facilities, Fashion and textiles, Festivals, Film, Gastronomy, Heritage (tangible & intangible), Literature, Museums, Music, Performing arts, Photography and photo imaging, Publishing and journalism, Radio, Visual arts, Words and books
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