Cube design labs in residence programme

Cube does not only stage exhibitions of trend-setting international and Euregional design, it also functions as an multidisciplinary laboratory where visitors can join students and designers work
Cube in Residence Programme Internship in Cube Design Labs: co-creation & design thinking
Cube design museum offers students, young designers and alumni the possibility to work in the three Cube design labs. Students can join us within the framework of an internship, a minor or graduation project. This allows young designers to add to their skills and to deepen their knowledge. Ideally, the multidisciplinary teams are made up of students from different disciplines, faculties and nationalities, of experts from relevant disciplines and of end-users.
The teams apply the principles of design thinking, co-creation and co-design. They find solutions for issues or challenges, together with visitors, scientists, stakeholders and end-users. The starting point will be “Design for human needs and ambitions”. The teams will complete the design process from initial problem definition until end-product. They will come up with new products, concepts or services for which the “Cube Call” was formulated on the basis of a request from society, industry, social organisations or specific interested parties.
The Cube design labs are set up in three laboratories, named after the three stages of the process: ASK, IMAGINE and CREATE. The facilities, ambiance and orientation differ from one lab to the next for an optimal support of the design process.
Cube Call
Each team works on its own design project, the “Cube Call”. This call is to be completed within a period ranging from a number of weeks to some months. It will tie in with the criteria formulated by the members' training institutions and the Cube design museum will provide expert support as to design thinking and design. The results will be permanently showed in the Cube museum collection, physically or digitally. In other words, the design processes and their final outcomes will remain visible for the museum's visitors.
In short
Internship: continuously, can be started any time
Duration: at least 3 months
Weekly hours: 40
Internship fee: subject to mutual agreement

Who are we looking for?
Designers of products or services. Team players, good communicative skills in spoken and written English (and/or Dutch, German). Blog writers who document the design process. Monthly availability on a number of days during weekends and holidays.
Location: Kerkrade
What do we have to offer?
Working on meaningful design that has an impact on the worldWorking as a designer in a multidisciplinary (and international) team
The design (process) will be included in the permanent Cube design museum collection. All-round internship. Access to rapid prototyping machines: laser cutters, 3D printers, etc.
Help with finding temporary accommodation
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