Ambassador Contact Point: Pacific Islands

Do you want to connect with artists in the Pacific Islands & learn about the unique Pacific culture?
Ni Sa Bula! Fai'aksia! Noa'ia! Malo e lava mai!
This working Ideation Lab is led by Pacific Island Artists Connection (PIAC) as Creative Tracks ambassador for the Pacific Islands.
Pacific Island Artists Connection (PIAC) is a new UK-based enterprise, connecting people and organisations in the UK and Europe with the multi-talented artists of the Pacific Islands.
There is so much richness of art and culture in the Pacific Islands with many internationally well-known performance and visual artists based in the Pacific. PIAC believes in the distinctive and wonderful talent of these artists and aims to facilitate collaboration and cross-cultural communication between them and the UK and Europe.
There is a great deal of interest and curiosity in Pacific art and culture in Europe but it can be difficult for interested individuals and institutions in Europe to communicate and connect with the Pacific Islands. PIAC hopes to solve this by developing connections and partnerships with Festival Producers and Directors and venue Managers in Europe and connecting them with Pacific artists.
Culture is an integral component within the Pacific and the ancestral spirits of the Pacific are a fundamental ingredient in the Pacific stories. The Pacific region is very different from any other region in the world and although all of the Pacific countries share similarities, each country also has a cultural uniqueness. This cultural identity and uniqueness is vital to the Pacific and is clearly evident in art from the region.
The diversity of Pacific art is remarkable with the art sometimes embracing the traditional stories, sometimes contemporary and sometimes a fusion of the two. It is this ever changing environment which makes art from the Pacific so intriguing and rewarding.
If you run a festival or a venue or a gallery and are interested in finding out more about the vibrant and distinctive, traditional and contemporary arts and culture of the Pacific Islands or you are looking to be connected with contacts in this area, PIAC would love to hear from you.
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