Video pitch your new ideas, products or services!

How can creative entrepreneurs you make a short video that is both cost-effective and persuasive?
a creative momentum project has been working on a Video Pitching Toolkit (VTP) for creative enterprises, under the coordination of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. With the VPT, a creative momentum project is striving to provide a creative solution for creative enterprises that would like to access a more diverse marketplace. Particularly, the Toolkit is aimed at those entrepreneurs who would like to pitch new ideas, products or services via video in a cost-effective way.
The Toolkit is available on the Knowledge Centre of - the website run by a creative momentum project. It comprehends 5 chapters, which contains articles, graphics and video content:
Chapter 1
This is an introduction to the Video Pitching Toolkit initiative. It provides guidelines on how to use the Toolkit.
Chapter 2
The art of selling your idea
This chapter gives very specific tips on how to script your pitch and your video in general.
Chapter 3
Stages of production
The chapter provides a brief introduction to the world of video production. Antti Sipilä, CEO of OneMinStory, speaks about key points to bear in mind before and during working with a video production company
Chapter 4
Urbanid 3D pitching video
Case Study: the VPT team made a demo showing what a cost-effective pitch video is. The video portrays entrepreneur Zoltan Fodor from Urbanid 3D. This chapter tells the story of how the demo was made.
Chapter 5
Make an impact in 1 minute
Marsa Bäck is CEO of the Finnish Institute for Speech Ltd. She has extensive experience in Communications and Education. She also has a thorough knowledge of how to perform pitching/marketing speeches. In this chapter, Marsa explains how to speak effectively and make an impact in 1 minute.
Our YouTube channel is home to a number of short videos that can help creative entrepreneurs develop their pitch video. If you like them, please share. It really helps us out!
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