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Women Entrepreneurship in Mozambique: A calling for all women
on Sep 22 2017
End date Nov 09 2017
Women! We have to want to be different, to want to go on! Independence tastes better. Join us soon and discover your dormant potential!
Kick Start: Cardiff
Posted by Visiting Arts
on Sep 19 2017
Professional exchange between Welsh and international creative changemakers
Posted by Tony Mathias
on Sep 02 2017
End date May 01 2018
Engage youth from 9 to 25 years on artistic activities, from music - Hip-Hop, R� Pop, Rock etc. Film, Visual Art.
Next Mission of Animarte Producoes
Posted by sara
on Aug 08 2017
End date Apr 18 2018
VISION: To identify and help awaken, care for & uplift creative gifts in the artistic aspects of dramatic, plastic and musical expresssions. Perform events for the public presentations.ages 3-15

Ambassador contact point

Ambassador Contact Point: United Kingdom
Posted by Visiting Arts
on Jan 18 2017
A space offering introductions, support and advice for the Creative Tracks community who are working with or working in the UK - led by Visiting Arts