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    Posted by Akintunde Boboye
    on Jan 13 2017
    End date Dec 30 2017
    This Idea struck me upon several visits to the great Olumirin waterfall at Erin Ijesha , Osun state in south western Nigeria and thankfully it has started and I would love for you to come join in!
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    on Apr 17 2017
    End date Aug 25 2017
    An initiative to bring in different cultures together and make a difference thru arts. email me at akjardin2016@gmail.com for more details. Looking for collaborators for 2017!
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    Posted by Aurélie Delater
    on Feb 04 2019
    End date Feb 05 2019
    It is time to say good bye to our platform.
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    Posted by Anton Shynkaruk
    on Feb 05 2018
    End date Apr 26 2018
    Creating an international group for learning and knowledge transfer about digital tools for creative projects in GLAM sector in Ukraine.
  • Exploring the current climate for international working within the arts
    on Sep 05 2016
    End date Sep 01 2017
    A lab to discuss issues involved in artist mobility and the practicalities of international collaborative and partnership working
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    Posted by Georgi Bonev
    on Oct 20 2017
    End date Dec 31 2017
    a guide to emerging artist who are looking to organize their photo exhibition
  • International entrepreneurship models and strategies in the performing arts’ sector
    Posted by On the Move
    on May 01 2017
    End date Dec 31 2017
    This lab is linked to the Producers' Academy, by CIFAS, On the Move, MoDul & Kunstenfestivaldesarts. We want to share and get your feedback on innovative production models. Get ready to share!
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    Posted by Wacy Zacarias
    on Oct 16 2017
    End date Dec 22 2017
    Ideation LAB for institutions in public/ private sector that work to promote and develop the Mozambican Creative industries. Potential partners of FUNDAC (fund for development of Arts and Culture)