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    Posted by Akintunde Boboye
    on Jan 13 2017
    End date Dec 30 2017
    This Idea struck me upon several visits to the great Olumirin waterfall at Erin Ijesha , Osun state in south western Nigeria and thankfully it has started and I would love for you to come join in!
  • Ambassador Contact Point: United Kingdom
    Posted by Visiting Arts
    on Jan 18 2017
    A space offering introductions, support and advice for the Creative Tracks community who are working with or working in the UK - led by Visiting Arts
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    on Apr 13 2017
    ART CONGRESS is a platform for young artists in the Philippines from public school systems that enhances their creative thinking, talents and leadership. Sharing what has transpired from this year.
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    Posted by Chris Lewis
    on Jan 16 2017
  • Creative Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century
    Posted by Creative Tracks
    on Sep 29 2016
    Accompanying the b.creative conference topics, this lab invites members to consider what "creative entrepreneurship" means to them and how it is reflected in today's world.
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    on Nov 02 2016
    End date Dec 31 2030
    Cube does not only stage exhibitions of trend-setting international and Euregional design, it also functions as an multidisciplinary laboratory where visitors can join students and designers work
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    Posted by Daniel G.
    on Jul 29 2017
    Parent living outside of Ethiopia are desperately looking for a language lesson to their children to learn.This project will help out as one part.