• Ambassador Contact Point: United Kingdom
    Posted by Visiting Arts
    on Jan 18 2017
    A space offering introductions, support and advice for the Creative Tracks community who are working with or working in the UK - led by Visiting Arts
  • Creative Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century
    Posted by Creative Tracks
    on Sep 29 2016
    Accompanying the b.creative conference topics, this lab invites members to consider what "creative entrepreneurship" means to them and how it is reflected in today's world.
  • image_placeholder
    on Nov 02 2016
    End date Dec 31 2030
    Cube does not only stage exhibitions of trend-setting international and Euregional design, it also functions as an multidisciplinary laboratory where visitors can join students and designers work
  • Exploring the current climate for international working within the arts
    on Sep 05 2016
    End date Sep 01 2017
    A lab to discuss issues involved in artist mobility and the practicalities of international collaborative and partnership working
  • Food and Wine: how to creatively narrate a tale of culture, history, crafts and taste?
    on Jan 05 2017
    Can enogastronomy win the challenge of effective storytelling? Which are your ideas/experiences on this issue? Let's get creative and cross-sectorial!
  • Hong Kong Yet to be Known Young Leadership Program
    Posted by David
    on Mar 22 2017
    End date Jan 01 2020
    This program is designed to select and cultivate the most talented young leaders worldwide who can fully express their understanding of Hong Kong with insight and creativity
  • Meet your match!
    Posted by Creative Tracks
    on Jan 18 2017
    Seeking to broaden your international creative network? Discover your next creative collaborator, investor, working partner or best friend on Creative Tracks!