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Samuel Sultana was born in Malta on the 27th of July 1990. He is a Franco-Maltese creative, currently based in Malta.
I am a self thought artist,creative director and animation producer from Ethiopia. I am working mostly in 2D animation and character design including...
A Moroccan artist and cultural activist, founder of Orchid association, a famous theatrical organization.
Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia creates networks between Nordic and Baltic region and stakeholders in it.
laurence Rondoni
Project Manager in international cooperation
I strive to promote the Cultural and Creative Industries as a lever for social, economical and environmental Innovations.

i work as project assistant at Indisciplinarte srl a private organization active in cultural production and arts management based in Terni, Italy.
I run an art organisation with a legal base in Sweden but with most operations in China. We do residency programme for artists, events, exhibitions,...
Crafts Product Designer, Researcher, and Thinker
Arne V
Managing director
Entrepreneur driven by curiosity in how the world works and why it works in that way. My motivation is to challenge old ideas and sharpen new ones....
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