Call for proposals: Age of Wonderland's 100 Days of Learning

What about taking a journey from knowledge to wisdom? Send us your proposal on how to exchange knowledge, make learning more inclusive and make it part of our everyday lives. Deadline: April 20
For once, let us ignore the institutions, the professional educators, the commercial seminars, the self-help books, and ask you directly to teach us something that you think is relevant for the future of our species and planet. Something we can incorporate into our daily lives. Age of Wonderland invites you to turn your personal experiences and knowledge into shareable wisdom, to enable others to embrace the change you feel we need. Which of life’s challenges have given you new insights? Are there certain events in your life which generated important and shareable lessons? What motivated you? We’re not interested in textbook knowledge, but rather those things that helped you towards a newly gained perspective on (your) life.
100 Days of Learning
This year’s edition of Age of Wonderland acknowledges that for us to make the world a better, healthier and more inclusive place, we need to embrace change on an individual level and to inspire those around us to do the same. To facilitate this, Age of Wonderland has devised a program of 100 Days of Learning. We invite innovators, scientists, engineers, artists, designers, social entrepreneurs and thinkers from around the world to share their stories and their ideas with us, from their own personal experience and practice. What do they feel we need to learn to make a positive change?
Age of Wonderland’s 100 Days of Learning is a global learning event to exchange valuable life experiences with peers. It will take place all around the globe and can be initiated by anyone. In order to rediscover knowledge, challenge beliefs, and exchange life experiences with others, Age of Wonderland invites you to engage in this journey. Turn your lesson into action by creating one day of learning. We ask you to send us your proposal on how we can make learning more interesting, fun, rewarding, entertaining, inclusive and a part of everyday life!
There is no fixed format for a day of learning. Perhaps you’d like to translate your story into a unique setting like a dinner, a walk in a forest, a performance, a poem, a personal encounter, a lecture, a workshop. All we ask is that you consider how to translate your perspective into a transferrable ‘act’ or ‘tool’ that can be applied by others independently enabling them to embrace, copy, implement, experience, personalise, hack your concept/recipe/day of learning. This invitation is for you, and those who inspired you.
About Age of Wonderland
Age of Wonderland is a platform and incubator for the research and development of interdisciplinary ideas. It facilitates tailor-made collaborations between (young) creative innovators from the Hivos networks in Africa, Asia and Latin America and practitioners within The Netherlands in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories, Hivos, Dutch Design Foundation and Design Academy in Eindhoven. The Wold Design Event will be the channel to share ideas, trigger debate and generate international exposure.
Find more information about the Open Call and how to apply on the Age of Wonderland website.
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