International Call for Visual Artists to Present Works for Ongoing Project In London UK

Tellurian Art Space is a pop-up visual arts gallery stall in London. We work with international visual artists to provide additional income and foster greater international arts collaboration.
Tellurian Art Space connects international visual artists to first time art buyers and art lovers within London. We operate to provide our artists additional income doing the thing they love while maintaining the artist's copyright and fostering international collaboration. We deliver this with simple and easy to understand systems for your artists and those new to buying art.
Tellurian operates on an ongoing basis with our artists. This enables you the flexibility to create and show art on your schedule not ours. We currently operate out of a market stall in central London where we sell prints of your artwork and build interest for your original works. No matter what we sell you get a commission of the sale.
We try to help you succeed as much as possible and cover all of the upfront costs associated with getting your work to London and presentation. Our services to artists includes:
* copyright protection
* shipping to London
* artist and artwork webpages
* artwork storage
* artwork stretching
* presentation of work
If you are interested or know someone who is apply to work with us at or if you have any questions email us at
Visual arts


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