Mozambican Youth Entrepreneurship: Join us and expand your business network

V National Conference on Entrepreneurship
The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE) is a private law organization founded in February 2010, non-profit, nonpartisan, whose purpose is "to meet young entrepreneurs with a view to meeting common interests.
Its mission is to promote the young entrepreneur through business training and participatory advocacy for a business environment conducive to the development of their business. Guided by values such as team spirit, leadership, excellence and ethics, ANJE defends the establishment of a social economic system capable of guaranteeing the inclusion, sustainability, diversity and competitiveness of the Mozambican economy.
It hosts more than 600 members nationwide and offers its members:
• The opportunity to share experiences and support each other;
• Facilities in establishing partnerships to strengthen;
• Ease of liaison with Government and other strategic institutions;
• Information and tools relevant to the growth of your business;
• A free environment where young entrepreneurs find similar minds with whom they can discuss new ideas and develop great projects.
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