Entrepreneurship Skills for Performing Artists

Complement your existing performance expertise with entrepreneurship skills and business knowledge that can help you thrive in today’s competitive industry.
https://www.gsmd.ac.uk/youth_adult_learning/guildhall_creative_entrepreneurs/short_course/entrepreneurship_skills_for_performing_artists/Guildhall has just opened applications to a new short course: ‘Entrepreneurship skills for performing artists’. The course will take place over the weekend of 21 – 22 April, and has been specifically developed for performing artists, by performing artists here at the Guildhall School. Its aim is to equip artists with the entrepreneurial skills, business knowledge and mindset that will help them thrive in today’s competitive industry.
If you’re a student or recent graduate working in a performing arts discipline, or trying to advance your career as you build your portfolio, then this course is for you. Talent and brilliant craft are only part of the skills you’ll need to succeed professionally, so we’ll help you start tackling the rest.
From running your own ensemble to developing your profile as a teacher, and from staging and promoting original work to building your brand as an artist, the subjects covered in this course will be relevant to you whatever your line of work!
The course is structured as a series of practical workshops to help you:
Identify your ‘Unique Selling Point’ and your distinctiveness as an artist
Align your ideal career path with your personal values and objectives.
Develop your professional profile, build your personal brand and strengthen your portfolio.
Generate awareness about your work, connect to your audience and forge relationships, considering aspects such as networking and social media marketing.
Develop your personal impact and presence skills, and learn how to convincingly promote yourself and your work.
Gain access to the tools, resources and support to master the business side of things with confidence and clarity. Areas include finance and budgeting, funding, tax and copyright.
Advertising and marketing communications, Creative industries areas, Film, Music, Performing arts


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