Eternal Chittagong Experience

Residency, Exhibition & Seminar arrangement support for creative people all over the world
Chittagong is the right place for visual artist, designer, researcher and curators. I invite peoples of all over the world and encourage to come Chittagong and enjoy it's life with beautiful landscape, sea, hill, river and lakes. Come for Residency, solo/group exhibition & seminar in the research oriented place like University of Chittagong. I will help everything including accommodation and other support related to your specific project. for inquiry email :
Disciplines and media
Visual Art, Curator, New Media, Animation, Performing Arts, Literature, History & Heritage
Duration of stay
between 1 week to 1/2 months
Expenses paid by visual artist, designer, researcher and curator
Travel, Housing, Supplies, Food
I arrange everything according to request
Internet Connection
Practice Space
Exhibition Space
Meeting, Presentation & Seminar Space
Technical support
Architecture, Archives and libraries, Design, Digital facilities, Film, Heritage (tangible & intangible), Museums, Performing arts, Photography and photo imaging, Visual arts


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