Movement Directing Diploma Program in Berlin | NIPAI

Movement Directing is one of the most valuable fields in contemporary performance making, the movement director works hand in hand with the theatre director.
NIPAI Movement Directing Course aims to give our students practical skills needed to work professionally with performers in contemporary performance making.
Its program provides students with a broad insight view of movement directing within the performance making context, specifically focusing on practice within the discipline, ethics and aesthetics of movement, directing and teaching. This special educational program focuses on a specific movement directing approach towards the actor's body awareness, body language and development of a specific physical style.
This course answers such questions as:
how to set a transition of character in a play;
how to set through actions of each actor in performance;
how to transform the actor into a character;
how to develop the actor's body possibilities;
how to stage movement, choreography, acrobatics, stage combat in performance;
how to create a rhythm of performance;
how to work with an international team of performers
We encourage our students to develop study projects where practical movement teaching and movement directing finds a range of potential applications in the fields of theatre production, puppetry, animation, classical theatre, film acting, and contemporary and devised work.
There are opportunities for students to develop their own performance as movement specialists according to their interests in this growing and innovative field, they will undertake potentially ground-breaking research into movement. The courses are taught by tutors who are current professional practitioners in their field of movement pedagogy, movement direction and movement research.
The core of every program in NIPAI is learning by doing, thus every student of Movement Directing Diploma Course will work on the Study Project - Graduation Performance in the assigned organization working with professional crew in professional settings.
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