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Kavkaz Jazz Festival
Posted by Helen Mechitova
Closing date: Jun 15 2018
Closing date15/06/2018
Kavkaz Jazz – is a non- commercial jazz festival in Tbilisi, Georgia, which includes concerts, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and round tables.
ICCI training on internationalisation: Call for artists and intermediaries
Closing date: Feb 03 2018
Call to participate in a one week-training on internationalization of creative enterprises, hubs, incubators, regional development agencies, public organisations, chamber of commerce in Matera (IT).
Call for Volunteers
Posted by IUGTE
Closing date: Dec 16 2017
International Arts Conference

is inviting Assistants - Volunteers
to join the world arts convention at the prestigious venue in the heart of Austria!
Covering travel expenses to 100 startups to attend the EU-Africa Business Summit
Posted by Aurélie Delater
Closing date: Oct 20 2017
Côte d'Ivoire
The European Commission is covering the travel and accommodation cost of EU and African based digital entrepreneurs to showcase their services and technology during the 6th EU-Africa Business Forum.
JOS CARNIVAL 2018: Global Invitation to Music Bands, Circuses, Dance Groups and Cultural Troupes!
Closing date: Dec 22 2017
KRISTYLE MEDIA and our partners VOU PROJECTS SOLUTIONS are scouting for interested candidates from any country to participate in the second edition of Jos Carnival 2018.
Residencies opportunities for cultural artists in Finland
Closing date: Jan 31 2021
For Makers, Designers and Artists interested in residencies in Finland, here are some links for information.
Convite à apresentação de candidaturas para o workshop Creative Tracks no Porto!
Posted by Aurélie Delater
Closing date: Nov 21 2017
Closing date21/11/2017
Convite à apresentação de candidaturas para o workshop Creative Tracks no Porto: Tradição e Inovação: o potencial transformador das indústrias criativas.
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