Ffangaí's Open Art Crit

As part of the MadeInRoath Festival, Ffangaí will be running its usual art crits in response to the themes and work encountered in the festival.
Come one, come all, to the wonderful Andrew Buchan pub for a night of support, drinks, and useful tangents.
As part of the MadeInRoath Festival, we'll be inviting some exhibiting artist along, as well as discuss the themes found throughout the festival. People are encouraged to bring their own work or, alternatively, simply to come and discuss what they've experienced during the festival.

Art crits are the process in which a round table offer constructive criticism, advice, a little support and encouragement in response to an individual's work. This work can be a painting, an illustration, a poem, a short story, a sculpture, a pot, a repurposed television set, a 1700s warship cannon, or a fraction of a performance. The crits are for people to improve their craft and connect with fellow artists. And to drink a little, of course. It is a pub, after all!

Please, bring one piece you're working on and share your doubts, your strengths, skills, and advice for everyone else to enjoy.

Usually attended by 2d artists, poets, graffiti artist. However, the Andrew Buchan DOES have instruments set up as part of their Wednesday Open Jam nights. Musicians welcomed.
Design, Festivals, Literature, Visual arts

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