Interview with Akintunde Boboye - Creative Tracks Ambassador

Akintunde is initiator of the Olumirin Waterfall Garden Park, Nigeria - a place to meet, network and produce arts related events geared towards, awakening and co creating.
Tell us about yourself? How has your background or life influenced the projects you develop today?
I come from a family of very creative people and I am a musical artist myself. The Idea of Olumirin Waterfall Garden Park came about in 2014 after a company I founded took up the responsibility of selling entrance tickets to the waterfall, for the state government. While stationed there selling tickets, I came across lots of people that would come to do different kinds of creative events, such as musical artists coming to shoot musical videos, students coming for excursions different organizations coming to the waterfall for different reasons.
These facts, coupled with the sad reality of how the waterfall was not being properly maintained and further developed at that time, and with a fore knowledge of how visitors and tourists from all over the world come to the place, spurred me to action.
While carrying out the tickets sales project, part of the feedback I got from people including those doing a repeat visit was that there was no other form of excitement and entertainment at the waterfall other than just the water. A lot of people even requested a conducive place to sleep which is not currently available (of which is in our future plan). So I came up with the idea of having a well cultured space where families, students, and people from all walks of life can come and have a good time. It is to be a place that has good lighting, and a good sound system that will allow for periodical soft music and beautiful sounds.
I am opening my mind to new ideas as a process of growth and I am a firm believer of employing arts as a tool for education, growth and development. This is the platform I wish to utilize to realize this vision.
What services do you offer to artists/creative entrepreneurs?
The services I offer to artists at my place is a clean and cultured environment that includes an open space and a green area, a covered space that can accommodate about 500 people, a seating area where artists can come and be lost in the art of creation. I offer a fantastic platform for networking and influencing people positively through art and entertainment and other activities that will take place there.
Can you tell us about your daily work?
My daily work includes sometimes going to the waterfall to ensure that the construction phase is properly done and taking pictures as the process is going on, and in doing this I assign tasks to workers to ensure that we realize the bigger picture. Sometimes I make sure that the grass is cut and sometimes I cut and water the grass myself. I also ensure that the flowers in the garden are watered. I ensure that the place is kept clean all the time. Even though as at the time of writing this, construction work is still ongoing and when I am not at the waterfall, I am in my apartment doing some writing or making music.
To see pictures of Akitunde´s project, click here.
What areas of support are most needed at the moment for your entrepreneurial activities?
Having initiated the project, I am particularly concerned about events and activities that will be happening at the waterfall after the major construction phase. My plan is to have periodic residency programs for students and artists both local and international. And as with every entrepreneur in Africa, a major challenge is of course, funding, so I will greatly appreciate support in the area of funding to assist us in getting a decent office space, in a location that will best suit our purpose. The success of any plan is based on logistics, so we need this aspect covered to reach more local people, organizations, universities secondary schools and corporate bodies with our objective. Most importantly is good guidance and adequate training to help achieve our ultimate objective.
Also, I want support in the area of tools and technologies adequate to make communication and work much easier. Lastly is support in ensuring that everything we plan and do, is in line with world’s best practice.
What are the most important things you have learnt in starting your project?
Some of the most important things I have learnt in starting my project include the courage to start and the will to continue regardless of the obstacles or challenges one might face.
I have also learnt to be focused and be thorough with my thoughts and actions and to ask for help when I truly need it. Most importantly, I have learnt to see what I am doing as a service to humanity and this I have discovered is a mixture and combination of so many things like having a vision, planning, talking to the right authority, networking and meeting people.
As a Creative Tracks ambassador, what advice would you give to creative entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and what could be your contribution?
My advice to creative entrepreneurs will be to look inside and find what they love to do which gives them most joy and then learn how they can serve that gift to the benefit of mankind. In my case, it is music and my contribution will be to motivate and support them in whatever way I can to achieve their dreams. I will ensure that my platform is made available to stimulate their creative instinct and if and wherever necessary, we can jointly work together as co-creators to achieving different aims and objectives.
Do you have any new projects coming up that you will like to share?
Yes, I am planning a one day event at the waterfall Garden Park scheduled for the 26th of December 2017 that I tagged “Build Every Unicorn” I plan to use this event to call together as many people as possible to the garden park so that we can meet, network and commence the foundation of future arts related events geared towards, awakening, co creating and developing ourselves and our environment.
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